An artist impression of the completed padel courts
An artist impression of the completed courts

The world’s fastest growing sport


Why Padel @ Solihull Arden?

  • Padel Tennis is one of the fastest growing sports in the world
  • In Spain Padel is played by around 6 million people
  • As a game it is rapidly spreading across Europe
  • We want to at the forefront of Padel in Solihull and the Birmingham area.
  • It will expand our racquet sport options


Planning Application

Full planning approval was secured in Autumn 2019.  Funding for the first stage of the project is now in place

Our initial plan provides 3 floodlit Padel Courts with space for a fourth court later.  Initially the courts will not be covered, but phase 2 of the project will provide open air roofs, hopefully for at least two of the courts.

Phase 1 will also provide additional car parking.


Major Milestones

Work on the groundworks for the courts began in October 2020 and good progress was made before Christmas.  Unfortunately difficulty in getting hotel accommodation for the contractor’s staff due to the current lockdown delayed resumption of work in the New Year.  Uncertainty as to when the current Covid lockdown will be eased means we cannot make firm plans for opening of courts, but if construction proceeds well and lockdown is sufficiently eased, we hope to open the courts at Easter.  Failing that, sometime in May should be possible.


10 Year Membership

We have already had some take up for the £500 10 year membership.

This is a great deal! Compare it to:
Standard-alone Padel Membership @ £410 p.a.
Tennis or Squash Membership – add Padel for £100 p.a.
Premier membership – add Padel for £50 p.a.

This offer is only available to current members of the club who were also members on 31 August 2020.


For members who where 75 or over on 30th April 2020
They will actually get ‘lifetime’ Padel membership if they take up the offer, rather than limited to 10 years.

Any members who qualify as above can take up this offer, be they Playing, Gym or Social. Those who wish to sign up for this offer should email our General Manager, Michelle Moore via the contact form on the website.

In doing so, these members can get their names on the list and pay a deposit of £50. This will be refunded, if for some reason we are unable to launch Padel. The deposit can be paid at Membership Services.


Please note
This offer is only available to the first 50 members applying and will close when the Padel courts open.


Help with Funding for later stages

engraved brick and tile

We appeal to all members of Solihull Arden Club to consider donating towards Padel. Any amount is welcome, but for those who donate £50 or more they will be able to have a ‘patio block’ engraved with their choice of personal or corporate message and these blocks will be laid on the seating area close to the Padel Courts. For donations of £90 or more a double sized ‘patio block’ will be provided with twice the space for your message. Donations will also be eligible for ‘Gift Aid’.

We already have over £2,000 of member pledges, so please join those members and help fund Padel and leave your message on the new patio for all time. Business donations for double sized blocks are welcome too.

Please pick up a form from Reception and pledge a donation.

Note: Funds will be required before launch and will also attract GiftAid, thereby providing tax benefits too for individual’s pledges..!!


Finer detail

  • Courts will be bookable via an online system
  • Floodlights will have a control mechanism in place
  • In off-peak times there will be ‘pay and play’ for non-members