female personal trainer explaining an exercise to a female client
two women exercising in a gym with a personal trainer
personal trainer supervising a client doing an exercise with a kettle bell weight


If you are looking for a Personal Trainer based in Solihull, then look no further!

We have 3 highly qualified Personal Trainers who train club members and non members in our newly refurbished state of the art Gym. Between them they have a wide variety of expertise to help you meet your goals and expectations. They can cater for novices, through to elite athletes, potential brides who wants to fit into that stunning dress on the BIG day or if you simply want to be happy and healthy.

All of the equipment is at their disposal, so variety will be the order of the day. With a professionally designed fitness facility you get everything you would expect; the latest CV equipment, free weights, weight balanced exercise machines and a stretching area – all with the view of giving you a complete workout.

The Club also offers Sauna & Steam rooms to relax in after a vigorous workout and of course, we have Tennis and Squash & Racketball facilities for those who want to include a competitive sport into their healthy lifestyle.


Our Trainers:

Matt Dunford

Edward Hull

Rosemary Cribb