2 men playing racketball
two women playing squash
two boys playing squash

Squash and Racketball opportunities at Solihull Arden are wide-ranging. We have 6 very well maintained courts, leagues and tournaments throughout the year. Coaching happens on a group and 1:1 basis.  There are weekly club nights. These are well organised and free. Members can just turn up and play different people.

Squash and racketball are part of Solihull Arden’s DNA. The first courts were built in 1972. Several other quickly followed. This was crowned with our 2nd glass-back “show-court”. It opened in 2013.

In 2012 Solihull Arden Club won England Squash’s “Club of The Year Award”. We are very proud of the achievement.

They said: “The winner, Solihull Arden, has gone to great lengths to get young people into squash via their junior coaching programme and by building links with local schools. They have worked hard to ensure that through their club squash has become an important part of their community and that their club is well known and well respected within and outside the sport……have also managed to create a friendly and positive atmosphere within the club that allows players of all ages and abilities to enjoy playing squash and racketball”.

Since 2012 we have replaced the doors on the four other courts with glass doors. Our original glassback court now has a new Junckers floor. We continue with an annual maintenance programme. The maintenance includes: cleaning of all court walls, plaster chips repaired, cracks repaired, floors sanded and new court lines are painted. Our courts are some of the best maintained in the South Midlands.

Free use of the gym is offered with Senior Squash & Racketball memberships.

We welcome new members of all ages and standards, from beginners to experienced squash or racketball players..!!


Time-lapse of a court undergoing maintenance

Action on Court